Prosecco DOC Brut Black Cuvée

In this Prosecco DOC White Cuvée, the unprecedented encounter between the generous aromatic notes of traditional Glera grapes and the aristocratic expressiveness of Pinot Nero makes for an exclusive combination. The elegant ivory mousse retreats to the cordon around the brilliant straw-yellow that embraces a rare but tenacious and particularly fine perlage. The aroma is persuasive and refined in its uniquely mature and dry composition.
The glass encompasses all the richness of the fruit on a rich and satisfying palate, and yields a vibrant freshness on a long and lingering finish.

Intriguing as an aperitif, it pairs perfectly with finger food and mild cured meats and cheeses. During meals, it pairs well with fish appetizers, fried dishes, light soups and prestigious oven-roasted fish.