Braised pork with creamed aubergine, sage potatoes and creamed peppers

Ingredients for 4 people:
1 kg fillet of pork belly
500 g dark purple aubergines
2 red peppers
20 g mustard (cream, not powder)
300 g yellow potatoes
15 g turmeric
2 shallots
1 litre rich meat stock (made via reduction)
Mixed herbs
Extra virgin olive oil
200 g celery, carrots and onions
Salt & pepper

Sear the pork belly in a pan without oil until it is golden brown then add diced celery, carrots and onions, pan fry all together, then add the stock and braise.
Wash the aubergines well, prick the skin several times and bake them on a griddle, placing a tin underneath to collect the liquid. Once cooked remove the peel, put the pulp with shallots and turmeric in a mixer and blend all together.
Wash the peppers and bake them on a grill. Remove the skins and blend with extra virgin olive oil. Wash the potatoes and cook them in boiling water. Take a few potatoes and use a potato masher to make mashed potato. Cut the remaining potatoes into regular wedges and toss them in a pan with butter and sage until browned.
Slice the pork belly and serve with the 3 accompaniments (mashed potato, aubergine purée and creamed peppers), add the sage potatoes and adjust seasoning to taste. If you wish, add slices of Milano salami fried in oil as a decoration.

Chef : Giuseppe Falanga
Credits Italian Chef Cooking School. Ph. Adriano Mauri

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