Tuna, potatoes and Belgian endive

Ingredients x 4 people:
600 g red tuna
120 g Belgian endive
80 g bacon
Cherry tomatoes
4 potatoes
Extra virgin olive oil
1 shallot
Salt and Pepper

Carefully wash the potatoes, bake in oven at 175°C (345°F) until cooked .
Cook the bacon – in julienne strips – in the microwave for a few minutes until it becomes crunchy.
Cut the tuna into rectangular cubes, brush with oil and thyme.
Cook the tuna in a frying pan for one minute on each side, leaving it red on the inside.
Crush the previously peeled potatoes directly on the dish, season with oil, salt and pepper.
Then add the bacon, place the endive on the potatoes and finally add the tuna.
Garnish to taste with cherry tomatoes and dill.

Chef : Giuseppe Falanga
Credits Italian Chef Cooking School. Ph. Adriano Mauri

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