The origins of the Zonin family in Gambellara date back to 1500. The family tree identifies Bernardino de Zonina (1470-1550) living in Malo, in the province of Vicenza, as the family’s founding father. His son, Piero, (1500-1575) moved to Gambellara at an early age where he took up residence and later married Francesca.


Wine growing gained tremendous momentum in Gambellara during the nineteenth century, initiating a process of development that is arguably still unfinished.

The vineyards embraced the hills, transforming the landscape and fashioning the contours we know today with orderly crops, geometric rows and sculpted vines, giving the impression of immense gardens, thanks to the commitment of the local inhabitants. Amongst them was the Zonin family, which in subsequent decades would forge its destiny and that of its native land.


On a cadastral map of the municipalities of Sorio and Gambellara Vicentina dated 1821, mention is made of the possessori of a Ronco Arborato Vitato (land with vineyards supported and trained over living trees) in the hills and Arativi Arborati Vitati (land with vine rows supported and trained mainly with dry timber) in the persons of Giovanni Battista Zonin and Girolamo Antonio Zonin. This document is referred to as the ‘milestone’, marking the beginning of the journey travelled by the Zonin family in making its dream come true.