Anni ’70

Consumption of Zonin brand wines spread throughout Italy, meeting consumer tastes in the course of their evolution toward more and more quality-oriented choices.
The Lion of Saint Mark was chosen to complete the corporate logo and illustrate a firm commitment to the wine-growing region, but also as a symbol of energy and authority to garner the awards that had begun to arrive from all over the world, setting the foundations of Zonin’s international reputation today.
The symbol of Venice, with its history of profound influence throughout the world, underlines Veneto as the region of origin as well as the world as a partner for its products.


Among Zonin’s most intuitive insights during these years was the need for a thorough revision of its corporate image, which combined with a strategy for entering into direct contact with consumers through the era’s most innovative medium: television. Between 1975 and 1976, Zonin’s first TV commercial aired during Carosello, the most popular and iconic national TV show of all time. The wines’ characteristics remained the reason for their success, and appreciation for the wines continued to increase across the markets.

Anni ’80

In the decade that embraced communication, there was a growing awareness that even a very good product should be ‘talked up’, focusing on the factors that made it so. Behind every bottle there was sincerity, enthusiasm, passion and devotion, from the berry right through to the glass.
During this decade, there were also increased opportunities for overseas exports: exporting became an incremental factor for expansion and appreciation by overseas wine enthusiasts ensured its success.