Gianni Zonin was born in 1938, the eldest nephew of Domenico Zonin. After gaining his diploma in Oenology in Conegliano in 1956, he joined the company at the age of 19 as a young oenologist.
During his early years he increased his knowledge of the technical, commercial, purchasing and human resources aspects of the business. His profound understanding of the innermost aspects of the company and the vantage point it afforded him would soon enable him to complete the transformation of the Zonin winery into a complex and highly structured Group.


The affluence that accompanied the post-war boom also brought changes in lifestyle and consumer habits, including wine consumption. Bottles of wine began to appear more frequently on Italian tables and market demand moved increasingly towards products of greater quality rather than quantity, to the extent that legislators responded with new laws in 1965 for the regulation of DOC appellations, effectively replacing the old regulations that dated back to 1925.
Information via the press and wine literature paved the way for change: appellations, grape varietals, native grapes and regional typologies soon captured the interest of wine enthusiasts and consumers.


The project for the development of the Zonin winery also had an interesting impact on overseas markets: experimentation in these markets in the favourable historical period brought results that led to a broadening of corporate culture in terms of experience and knowledge, thereby laying down the foundations for tackling globalization as an extraordinary opportunity for growth.